Over the past twenty-eight years, Bob has made well over 250 speeches and presentations at food industry trade shows, conferences, association events and sales meetings as Founder and Publisher of Food Product Design magazine. Here is a sampling of opinions from food industry professionals who have experienced a Bob Weeks event and/or presentation.

"Bob Weeks has a knack for creating, presenting and/or moderating compelling content for food industry programs and events. He's professional and thorough and nobody knows the food business better than he does."

John Cox, Verto Solutions
Executive Director of the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association


"I have had the pleasure knowing and working with Bob for over 25 years. He is exceptional as a speaker, meeting planner and facilitator. I recommend him highly."

Skip Rosskam
President & COO at David Michael & Co.

"Bob Weeks and I served as Co-Chairs of the FEMA Program Committee for 8 years. I have always valued his ability to consider the perspective of the audience and define the program to meet their needs. His network of industry contacts gave us the ability to reach a wide variety of potential speakers, all of whom were very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. Bob also has the ability to effectively stitch a program together, making sure speakers avoid overlap, highlight their differing perspectives, and build a complete story for the audience."

Colin Ringleib
PepsiCo Inc. Senior Director, Flavors

Bob Weeks and I have been working together in the food ingredient industry for over 17 years. Our acquaintance started shortly after Bob founded Food Product Design, one of the most forward thinking, dynamic, on-trend food publications ever launched in the food industry. The publication had Bob’s footprint of knowledge, need base insightfulness, easy communication and forward thinking food ideas cover to cover.

I have recently worked with Bob within our food ingredient industry share group. His food and beverage research, trend analysis and disarming presentation style is nothing short of captivating and would be very useful to any audience within our industry.

Dave Sackett
Director of Sales and Marketing at Mizkan Americas, Inc.

"In my fifteen year association with Bob, I've found him to be extremely knowledgeable and insightful about the food and ingredient industry. As a keynote speaker for our Advisory Council, Bob presented on-trend information and more importantly provided the appropriate insight to bring that information to life. His deep understanding about our industry would be a tremendous asset to any organization fortunate enough to work with him."

John Howeth
V.P. Ingredient and Commercial Marketing at American Egg Board

"Having had the pleasure of working with Bob for over 20 years, I can state with confidence that he is one of the most informed, interesting, honest and professional people I have met in my more than 35 years in the food industry. Bob is always ahead of the next trend; he's a leader, not a follower. Time spent with Bob is always engaging and informative; he has the rare ability to impart knowledge and insight while being highly entertaining. Spending time with Bob has always proven profitable to me, personally, and to our business."

Allen Freed
President/CEO at Gum Technology

"Bob Weeks possesses an effective combination of food industry knowledge and common sense. He can not only assemble and interpret data and trends, but he can communicate this information in a practical and entertaining way."

Stephen Dott
Director of Sales and Marketing at Grande Custom Ingredients Group

"As the owner of an advertising agency with several decades of experience specializing in food ingredients, I consider Bob Weeks to be one of the leading experts in food industry issues and trends. He is an engaging presenter and speaker with a unique ability to simplify complex topics, which was the mission of Food Product Design, the magazine he founded and grew to be a leading source of industry information.

I had the distinct pleasure of working with him as he launched Food Product Design, and came to respect his integrity and creativity as he nurtured it to success. I can recommend Bob without reservation; he would be an invaluable asset to any food industry project."

Bill Poutray
President at Poutray & Pekar Associates

"Bob Weeks has the knack for taking complex issues and/or information and presenting it in a way that everyone can easily understand. I've seen Bob in action as a meeting participant, meeting chairman, presenter and moderator. In each scenario, he encourages and enables participation from all, while helping keep participants focused on the end game. He's one of the most-respected people I know in the food industry- both on a personal and professional level".

Bob Bauer, Executive Director National Association of Flavors and Food Ingredient Systems

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Bob for well over 35 years. He is a person who is well versed and well known in the Food Industry. When you think knowledge of the Industry you think Bob Weeks! To be able to share all this experience as a speaker/moderator would be a plus for any organization and a MUST for others. Bob is not a dinosaur, he is an innovator!!"

Al Roth
Vice President at Sethness Products Co.

"I still remember Bob and me at the IFT in Dallas twenty-two years ago discussing the design of a new publication, FOOD PRODUCT DESIGN. At that time it was a brave leap of faith that proved to be the catalyst that has changed food ingredient marketing communications ever since. Bob should be proud to see his visions of twenty-two years ago become today's standards for the industry, including his groundbreaking "Communicating with R&D" research series that tracked reader attitudes towards advertising and what they expect from it. He has also set the bar very high for integrity in food trade publishing..

Over those twenty-two years I have witnessed and can attest to Bob's food industry knowledge and presentation skills."

Dick Corbet
Managing Partner at Food Marketing Strategies


Bob Weeks

Bob Weeks