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Bob Weeks has spent the last twenty-eight years of his forty years in B-to-B publishing totally immersed in the food industry. His love affair with all things food began in 1985 when he became Publisher of Dairy Record magazine at Chicago based Gorman Publishing. Shortly after assuming the leadership of Dairy Record, Bob planned and executed a very successful redesign and repositioning of the magazine into Dairy Foods magazine. The new look and restructured editorial product was well received and Dairy Foods quickly established itself as the advertising leader and the #1 editorial source and authority for dairy food manufacturing and product development. A short year and a half later, Bob was also named Publisher of Gorman's Prepared Foods magazine.

During his five years at Gorman, Bob steered both publications to market dominating positions in their respective markets while becoming deeply involved with several industry associations, including The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) and the National Association of Flavors and Food Ingredient Systems (NAFFS). He has served eight years as the Co-Chairman of the Program Committee of FEMA which saw him moderate numerous panels, sessions and meeting, as well as give presentations to the membership at their May Annual Meetings and the FEMA Fall Symposiums. He also served a term as President of NAFFS and contributed presentations at the NAFFS meetings.

During the late 1980's, Bob detected a need in the food B-to-B area for a magazine that would serve the informational needs of a particular audience that was growing in both importance and influence at food manufacturers…. Research and Development (R&D). The need for current, practical, use it now R&D information that could be taken to the bench to help product developers create successful new products was not being satisfied, so Bob decided to leave Gorman and establish Weeks Publishing Company in January 1991. FOOD PRODUCT DESIGN magazine was then launched in April 1991. It grew quickly and in 1995 became the leader in ingredient ad pages and R&D/Product development related editorial content.

In the late 1990's, Weeks Publishing Company (WPC) developed a close relationship with a new and emerging group, The Research Chefs Association (RCA). A joint-venture agreement was reached between WPC and the RCA which culminated in the successful launch of the RCA's official magazine, Culinology.

In October 2005, Bob decided to sell FOOD PRODUCT DESIGN to Virgo Publishing LLC and continued on as Publisher for the Phoenix based company until June of 2013, when he resigned to once again launch a new company, WEEKS COMMUNICATIONS LLC in order to offer his experience, industry knowledge, and presentation skills to food manufacturers, suppliers, trade show and conference planners as well as food industry associations and other entities.

Bob's broad experience across all food product categories, including but not limited to bakery, confections, beverages, meats, soups, salads and more, along with his knowledge and familiarity with the areas of culinary, foodservice and demographics has prepared him to make in-depth, comprehensive speeches and presentations at sales meetings, trade shows and conferences, and industry associations.

If your company, group or association is in need of a presentation on almost any subject related to the food marketplace, or a knowledgable person to moderate a food panel or serve as a meeting facilitator, call Bob at 480-285-8670 or email him at and he will respond within 24 hours.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Bob Weeks

Bob Weeks