On April 23, 2014 both houses of the Vermont Legislature passed the country's first GMO labeling bill. On May 8, 2014 Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin signed it into law targeting July 1, 2016 as its' effective date.


This bill will face numerous legal challenges from the Grocery Manufacturers Association and many others and they will have a reasonable possibility of success based on peer reviewed research showing that GMO products are safe and pose no threat to consumer health. These could well delay implementation beyond the July 2016 effective date as they work their way through the legal system.

A second challenge to this law will be the passage of a national labeling law under the auspices of the FDA. I think this will be the final solution as it will prevent a 50 state patchwork quilt that could very well make interstate commerce nearly impossible and even more ridiculously expensive.

As I said above….. DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH! The fight is just getting started.