The news from Washington State this morning was not good for those who have been supporting the ballot initiative designated I-522, which if passed and enacted would require the labeling of all foods made with or containing any genetically modified organisms (GMOs). At last report, with over 1 million votes tallied, the initiative is trailing significantly by 10 points, 55% to 45%. While the final vote won't be known for several weeks due to the fact Washington State has voting by mail, it is pretty obvious that the voters of Washington State have followed the lead of their neighbors to the south in California who previously voted down a similar initiative.

I don't for a minute doubt the sincerity of those supporting I-522, but on balance I think this defeat is a good thing. So far, I don't believe there is any definitive proof that GMOs are a threat to the human population, and until there is, I think any and all attempts like I-522 are destined to fail. Perhaps the great effort, energy and money the I-522 supporters put into this effort should be redirected and focused on other areas of food safety. After all, there is no current shortage of scientifically proven areas where our food supply is under attack.